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November 6, 2021

Sia Lust - Freaky With The Teddy

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 It’s Valentine’s Day, so huge hunk Michael Swayze decides to give a giant teddy bear to his petite girlfriend Sia Lust, but after she receives the gift, Michael catches Sia playing naughty with the teddy! When Michael confronts her about it and says he has video of her getting freaky with the teddy bear, she must let Michael play with her however he wants and then he’ll promise to delete the video of the tiny slut.

October 26, 2021

Sia Lust - Stepgrandpa To The Rescue

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Sia Lust - Stepgrandpa To The Rescue 

When Sia Lust has a fight with her dad about how she dresses he ends up taking away her car keys, so she goes to her stepgrandfather Filthy Rich to complain. Stepgrandpa Rich wants to help out Sia so he offers to lend her his car, but only if she can do something for him in return. Sia knows exactly how to please her stepgrandpa and immediately earns those car keys like a good girl.

September 16, 2021

Sia Lust - Tiny Bully

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Sia Lust - Tiny Bully Petite babe Sia Lust is a tiny fireball who likes to compensate her size by bossing around her roommate Jax Slayher. Sia drags Jax out of his room to demand he helps her reach some stuff from the top cabinet in the kitchen, but the requests keep coming after that. Finally Jax has had enough of the tiny bully and decides to teach her a lesson that they’ll both thoroughly enjoy.

July 6, 2021

Sia Lust - Fresh And Sexy Babe Loves To Fuck - 06/23/21

 Sia Lust - Fresh And Sexy Babe Loves To Fuck

 Part 1 

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Sia Lust - Fresh And Sexy Babe Loves To Fuck 

  Wicked and naughty Sia Lust is loving how you check out her ass and perky tits as she strips from her blouse and skirt. Donnie wastes no time giving her his cock to suck and she takes it all like a champ. This babe loves some cowgirl action getting on top and riding Donnie hard and long but there is nothing she loves more than getting a well deserved facial that just makes her smile!