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December 29, 2021

Nicole Aria - OMG I Fucked My Bratty Student

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Teacher Mike Mancini is in class alone when his student Nicole Aria marches in, saying that she needs to talk to him about her grade. She isn't happy that she got a D on the last test. She complains that she's never gotten a grade like that in her life and demands that Mike fix it. But Nicole's bratty ways aren't working with Mike, and he finally decides to show her who's boss. He bends her over the desk and spanks Nicole's juicy ass. This is one D that Nicole WON'T be complaining about!

October 28, 2021

Kenna James, Bella Rolland, Nicole Aria - Well, This Is Awkward

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Kenna James, Bella Rolland, Nicole Aria - Well, This Is Awkward 

 Nicole Aria comes in for her massage appointment. However, it turns out that her scheduled masseuse is Bella Rolland, her ex-girlfriend. Bella offers to find another masseuse so things won't get awkward, and asks her straight colleague, Kenna James, to replace her as Nicole's masseuse. Kenna is happy to help, and agrees to do it. With that settled, Nicole is introduced to Kenna in the private massage room. Nicole strips down for the massage, and Kenna begins working on her. Back in the massage parlor's lobby, Bella tries to remain professional, working at the front desk. But due to jealousy, she makes up an excuse to justify spying on the massage. She sneaks up to the door of the massage room, and opens the door a bit so she can observe as Kenna slowly and sensually massages Nicole. They are both unaware that Bella is watching, and that she's getting so turned on by the sight that she's starting to masturbate as she watches them. Eventually, Nicole starts to flirt with Kenna, who surprisingly likes it. Kenna wonders if maybe she's not so straight after all, and Nicole offers to help her figure that out. Nicole and Kenna start making out, but then Bella suddenly has an outburst, saying that SHE should be the one having sex with Nicole. Nicole and Kenna are startled by Bella's presence, and it becomes clear that Bella isn't completely over Nicole. Naturally, the solution to this is a threesome! They all strip down, and make good use of the massage table so they can taste and touch each other everywhere. It looks like they don't have to worry about awkwardness anymore!

September 5, 2021

Nicole Aria - Sexy Babe Nicole Aria Loves Sex

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Nicole Aria - Sexy Babe Nicole Aria Loves Sex Newer to the industry hottie Nicole Aria is excited to be LIVE on cam with her fans so they can see just how naughty and sweet she is. Nicole is joined by Dan Ferrari and he gets right on that pussy eating out like she has never been before. She just loves feeling his tongue all over her clit and pussy lips. He spreads her open to show you just how wet she is! Nicole wants that cock so Dan delivers fucking her with every inch of that hard shaft. Pound her harder and take her in doggy. She wants it all and doesn't want the fucking to stop! Archive from 7-07-2021 5pm LIVE show!