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August 2, 2021

Michaela Isizzu - Alone

 Michaela Isizzu - Alone 750.1 Mb

Michaela Isizzu - Alone Sexart supermodel Michaela Isizzu walks up to the front doors of her sleek, luxurious home, enters, places her keys on a side table, and then her handbag, climbs the stairs, removes her high heels, steps out of her chic skirt, and takes a seat on a stylish modern sofa. White curtains billow softly in the summer breeze and the room is filled with diffused light as the cares of her day melt away and Michaela savors the singular, private pleasure of being "Alone." Director Andrej Lupin keeps things stylish and simple here — a beautiful woman, a serene environment, and a cool jazz soundtrack are all he needs to create a mood and establish a scenario. Michaela seems entirely at home in this setting, and wastes no time indulging her autoerotic impulses. Her tight white top is next to come off. After toying with her exquisite breasts, her attention moves downward, and she's soon cast aside her black panties and focuses solely on stroking, caressing, teasing, and penetrating her pretty pussy. Michaela's fingers quickly work their masturbatory magic and she's soon moaning and writhing as her sexual arousal builds. She sprawls on the sofa, caressing her body and petting her sex until the sweet inevitability of orgasm envelopes her. She smiles, contented, as she comes down from that peak of profound, self-induced pleasure. "Alone" delivers a high style — and highly enjoyable — erotic interlude that's perfect for viewing solo, or with a like-minded companion.