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November 15, 2021

October 28, 2021

Kenna James, Bella Rolland, Nicole Aria - Well, This Is Awkward

 Kenna James, Bella Rolland, Nicole Aria - Well, This Is Awkward,_Bella_Rolland,_Nicole_Aria_-_Well,_This_Is_Awkward..mp4 3496.2 Mb

Kenna James, Bella Rolland, Nicole Aria - Well, This Is Awkward 

 Nicole Aria comes in for her massage appointment. However, it turns out that her scheduled masseuse is Bella Rolland, her ex-girlfriend. Bella offers to find another masseuse so things won't get awkward, and asks her straight colleague, Kenna James, to replace her as Nicole's masseuse. Kenna is happy to help, and agrees to do it. With that settled, Nicole is introduced to Kenna in the private massage room. Nicole strips down for the massage, and Kenna begins working on her. Back in the massage parlor's lobby, Bella tries to remain professional, working at the front desk. But due to jealousy, she makes up an excuse to justify spying on the massage. She sneaks up to the door of the massage room, and opens the door a bit so she can observe as Kenna slowly and sensually massages Nicole. They are both unaware that Bella is watching, and that she's getting so turned on by the sight that she's starting to masturbate as she watches them. Eventually, Nicole starts to flirt with Kenna, who surprisingly likes it. Kenna wonders if maybe she's not so straight after all, and Nicole offers to help her figure that out. Nicole and Kenna start making out, but then Bella suddenly has an outburst, saying that SHE should be the one having sex with Nicole. Nicole and Kenna are startled by Bella's presence, and it becomes clear that Bella isn't completely over Nicole. Naturally, the solution to this is a threesome! They all strip down, and make good use of the massage table so they can taste and touch each other everywhere. It looks like they don't have to worry about awkwardness anymore!

September 24, 2021

Gia Derza, Kenna James - Parental Controls

 Gia Derza, Kenna James - Parental Controls,_Kenna_James_-_Parental_Controls_.mp4 4701.3 Mb

Gia Derza, Kenna James - Parental Controls Gia Derza loves keeping up with the latest video games. Her parent is into game development but he's been kind of secretive lately about his latest VR project, which leaves Gia curious. He's always been pretty open about his projects before, so what makes THIS one different? One day, when he's not around, Gia sneaks into his office, making herself comfortable at his computer while putting on the VR headset. As soon as she boots up the game, she's exasperated at the parental controls, but easily gets past that since she's old enough. Just what kind of game IS this? When the game loads, Gia finds herself in a bright, calming massage parlor. She's pretty impressed by the graphics, noting how realistic everything is, though it's the sexy masseuse, Kenna James, who ultimately gets her attention. Kenna's DEFINITELY the best part of the game so far and when she pleasantly offers a massage, Gia is down to put her parent's work to the test. But when the massage starts to turn sensual, suddenly Gia knows why this game was kept a secret!

August 19, 2021

Kenna James ,Layla Sin - Eyes Only For One Another

Kenna James ,Layla Sin - Eyes Only For One Another

Kenna James and Layla Sin are two smoking hot babes that just love licking and tasting how sweet they are. Layla can not get enough of Kennas beautiful firm tits and giant nipples. She just wants to suck and nibble on them forever. Kenna loves the attention making her so horny and full of lust to fuck Layla and taste her gorgeously wet delicious pussy. She is so fucking hot. Layla sits on her face and there is no better place that Kenna wants to be. To run her hands all up and down Laylas body while she straddles her and suffocates her in a place that must be heaven.

July 14, 2021

Lisey Sweet, Kenna James - Money For Submission

 screenshot,_Kenna_James_-_Money_For_Submission_.part1.rar 3000.0 Mb Kenna James is used to stealing to survive, so when she gets adopted into a new wealthy foster family, she’s ready to do her thing. This time though, foster parents Lisey Sweet and Johnny Castle catch her in the act, so they sit her down and tell her they’re willing to give her all the money she wants, only if she’s willing to submit to their needs.