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October 11, 2021

Tiny Tina, Stepmum Shares Stud with Stepdaughter Katy Rose

 Tiny Tina, Stepmum Shares Stud with Stepdaughter Katy Rose,_Stepmum_Shares_Stud_with_Stepdaughter_Katy_Rose_-_My_Stepmum_Has_A_New_Black_Boyfriend_AndGonna_Fu.mp4 2152.9 Mb

Tiny Tina, Stepmum Shares Stud with Stepdaughter Katy Rose Tiny Tina has come to Private Specials, My Stepmum Has a New Black Boyfriend for her debut and it’s definitely one you won’t want to miss! This horny cougar has no problem sharing her black stallion Joachim Kessef with stepdaughter Katy Rose as these wild girls enjoy an interracial threesome that truly has it all. Sloppy blowjobs, pussy eating, hard fucking, and some intense anal action for Katy, watch these nymphos go to town and get blasted gonzo style as they moan and scream with pleasure all the way to a facial and a hot cumswap.

September 4, 2021

Katy Rose - Anal Addicted Personal Trainer

Katy Rose - Anal Addicted Personal Trainer 1655.3 Mb

Katy Rose - Anal Addicted Personal Trainer

Today at the best porn site of the world,, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Katy Rose, a stunning brunette who has come to Private Specials, Anal Queens of Prague, for an intimate one on one session with the lucky George Uhl. You see, Katy is an extremely demanding personal trainer who always pushes her clients to the limit, and today is no exception. Watch Katy show off her skills on Private, first warming up with some deepthroat action before spreading her cheeks ready for a hard ass pounding as she screams her way to a hot cumshot all over her beautiful pussy.

August 25, 2021

Katy Rose ,Lee Anne - Sexy Pop

 Katy Rose ,Lee Anne - Sexy Pop,Lee_Anne_-_Sexy_Pop_.mp4 1501.7 Mb

Katy Rose ,Lee Anne - Sexy Pop Stunning brunettes Katy Rose and Lee Anne are rolling on the bed, kissing playfully, as Anna Richards’ hot lesbian movie "Sexy Pop" begins. Sultry beauty Lee Anne is on top, running her hands over Katy’s gorgeous body. Katy pulls off Lee Anne’s sweater and sucks her stiff nipples, making her gasp and giggle. She tugs Lee Anne’s pretty panties aside and goes face down, ass up to eat her pussy avidly. Licking and fingering skilfully, she gives Lee Anne an intense orgasm. Lee Anne is eager to repay the favor, strumming and sucking Katy’s clit to a noisy climax. Naked and passionate, they grind together, Lee Anne straddling her sweetheart in a sixty-nine so they can eat each other even more voraciously, enjoying a string of orgasms. They move into scissors, mashing their drenched pussies together, then finger each other to one climax after another, their mutual lust insatiable.

August 13, 2021

Katy Rose, Teana - Breathless

 Katy Rose, Teana - Breathless,_Teana_-_Breathless.part1.rar 3500.0 Mb,_Teana_-_Breathless.part2.rar 3023.8 Mb

Katy Rose, Teana - Breathless
Gorgeous brunettes Katy Rose and Teana are showering together, as Andrej Lupin’s hot lesbian movie "Breathless" begins. Katy Rose’s long pigtail swishes as she kneels to lather up her sweetheart’s glistening body, then switches places to get pampered in return. As Teana’s hands linger on her beautiful breasts they kiss, rubbing their slick bodies together sensuously. Katy pushes her girlfriend against the tiled wall as she massages her slippery clit, sucking her nipples and fingering her rapidly. Teana spins around for Katy to diddle her from behind, giving her an intense orgasm. Face to face, they fingerbang each other in unison, kissing as they tremble and shake with pleasure. The lovers dry off and move to the bed, Katy moving between Teana’s slender thighs to eat her shaved pussy voraciously, driving her wild. Katy rides Teana’s fingers until she climaxes too, then lies back to get her drenched pussy licked and frigged to multiple orgasms.

July 30, 2021

Katy Rose ,Lee Anne - Best Friend Threesome

Katy Rose ,Lee Anne - Best Friend Threesome

Having a girlfriend like Katy Rose is enough to make all of your friends jealous. She’s got an amazing body, she’s constantly DTF, and she sucks dick like a pro. But, she’s so much more than a beautiful nympho with mean bj skills, she’s a good friend. That’s why she’s brought over her friend Anne Lee, a petite-raven haired hotty who hasn’t tasted dick in weeks. Katy has kindly volunteered your services. Let the see two spinners share your cock in our brand new 180 degree VR threesome. Grab your Oculus and learn the value of sharing.

July 3, 2021

Katy Rose - Fit For Love - S37:E18 - 10/30/20

 Katy Rose - Fit For Love 2946.7 Mb

Katy Rose - Fit For Love Katy Rose knows that if she wants to keep her lovers interested she needs to remain nice and fit. She achieves her goals alone, and with the help of her workout partner Stanley Johnson. Katy periodically grinds her ass and pussy with its camel toe against Stanley s hardon as they work out, but that s okay because Stanley can t stop himself from groping her. As soon as their reps are finished, Katy and Stanley go ahead and get busy! Taking a seat on the exercise ball, Stanley watches as Katy pops his stiffie out to take in hand and start sucking. As her hand and mouth work Stanley s man meat, Katy tugs her shirt to release her own titties, making them easier than ever to play with. Once Katy is satisfied that Stanley is nice and hard for her, she turns around and slides her gym shorts aside so she can sit down in his lap. The ball makes it easy for her to bounce away as she rides Stanley like her own personal steed in reverse cowgirl. She can easily lean forward and put her hands on the ground to create a doggy style delight that puts Stanley in charge of the pace. Turning around so that she is facing Stanley, Katy remounts him. The couple bounce away as Katy rubs her breasts in Stanley s face. Then she leans even further forward to create a shallow angle of penetration that leaves her moaning as Stanley keeps up the party for both of them. Katy gets to her feet so that Stanley can lick her pretty pussy clean and help her out of her remaining clothes. When she s naked and dripping from Stanley s pussy feast, Katy lays herself out on the exercise ball so that Stanley can stand between her thighs and really give it to her. Lifting one of Katy s legs to open her wide and show off that flexibility she s worked so hard for, Stanley brings her off. The couple finishes their lovemaking on the ground, where Katy makes herself comfortable on her yoga mat and then curls up on her side. Spooning behind her, Stanley gives her the pleasure only his long Johnson can bring. Then he takes is own pleasure as he delivers a hot creampie right into Katy s juicy twat.