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July 4, 2021

Izzy Lush, LaSirena69 - Slick Licks - 04/10/20

 Izzy Lush, LaSirena69 - Slick Licks,_LaSirena69_-_Slick_Licks_.mp4 1250.7 Mb

Izzy Lush, LaSirena69 - Slick Licks 

 The beautiful brunette Izzy Lush got a gift card for a free massage from her best friend, but when she shows up at the massage parlor nothing is quite how she expected, especially the smoking hot masseuse LaSirena69! The sexy latina rubs down the nervous first-timer, getting her used to the feeling of a woman's hands getting into all of the tightest parts of her body. LaSirena asks Izzy to turn over, coaxing her out of her shell until Izzy reveals her beautiful natural tits. LaSirena oils up Izzy's white lingerie, rubbing her perfectly trimmed bush before working down to her eager pussy while Izzy's legs twitch with ecstasy. Soon Izzy has warmed up to the wet and wild world of massage and lets LaSirena lick and kiss her quivering lips before switching spots and giving the masseuse a deep and passionate tongue fucking. The playful babes take turns pleasuring each other and pressing their dripping pussies together until they finally climax.