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July 4, 2021

Erica Fontes - Oily Adultery - 03/04/14

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Erica Fontes - Oily Adultery 

 Like any good European whore Erica Fontes has no shame getting naked in front of strangers, including the masseur she called to her house tonight. Before her massage, she started with a luxurious bath, letting soap bubbles pour down her back and stream through the crack of her ass. She made Bill dry her off with a towel, patting down her big juicy tits and that bubble butt before leading her to the table. Bill kneaded oil into her long, lean body, rubbing between her legs while Erica answered the phone and started talking dirty with her husband. Nothing interrupted the steady stream of filth Erica kept up for the sap on the line, not even when her mouth was full of dick, or when Bill's fat cock was buried balls deep in her asshole.

June 27, 2021

Erica Fontes - She Wants More Than a Massage - 09/09/14

 Erica Fontes - She Wants More Than a Massage 2021.0 Mb

Erica Fontes - She Wants More Than a Massage Erica Fontes could not be more excited for her deep tissue massage this afternoon. Before her masseur arrives at her house to rub oil into her body and stretch her limbs, Erica relaxed in the bath, and let water sluice down her back and the crack of her juicy ass. When her therapist arrived, Erica set the tone by walking to the table completely naked, teasing her visitor with a peek at her flawless pussy from behind. As the massage progressed, Erica flipped over on the table, exposing her big fake tits and making it very clear she was thirsty for hot sex. After casting her towel to the ground and guiding Pablo's fingers to her clit, Erica got exactly the hard, deep fuck she so craved.