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October 7, 2021

Baby Nicols, Mina Moreno - Two On One

 Baby Nicols, Mina Moreno - Two On One,Mina_Moreno_-_Two_On_One_.part1.rar 4000.0 Mb,Mina_Moreno_-_Two_On_One_.part2.rar 3438.3 Mb

Baby Nicols, Mina Moreno - Two On One Cute brunettes Baby Nicols and Mina Moreno are hanging out on the beach with Chris Torres, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic threesome movie "Two On One" begins. The bikini babes are in the mood for fun, teaming up to seduce their surprised but happy friend. Baby kisses him as Mina frees his huge cock from his shorts. They squeeze fresh orange juice over his body and lick it up, making him squirm as their tongues explore lower and lower. Chris is quivering in anticipation by the time Baby takes his sticky cock in her mouth, sucking eagerly; meanwhile Mina gets naked and presses her beautiful breasts in his face. Soon Mina wants a taste of his dick too, wrapping her lips around it and taking it deep while Baby straddles his head to get her pussy eaten. She trembles through an intense orgasm before Mina moves astride Chris in cowgirl, guiding his erection into her tight pussy. Her big breasts bounce as she rides energetically, her perfect ass rising and falling in his lap as she and her girlfriend kiss passionately. They switch to doggy, Chris thrusting into Mina vigorously as he strokes Baby’s pussy and sucks her nipples. Mina has a noisy climax before Baby sucks her wetness from their man’s cock. Now Baby takes her turn to get fucked from behind, moaning with pleasure as Chris drills her to a blissful orgasm and fills her with his cum.

September 12, 2021

Baby Nicols ,Mina Moreno - Essence Of Harmony

Baby Nicols ,Mina Moreno - Essence Of Harmony

Beautiful brunettes Baby Nicols and Mina Moreno are naked, wrapped in each other’s arms, as Andrej Lupin’s hot lesbian movie "Essence Of Harmony" begins. Facing each other on a low bed surrounded by romantic drapes, the lovers kiss tenderly. Latina cutie Baby drizzles oil over Mina’s gorgeous breasts and massages it in, making her skin glisten. They press their sexy bodies together, both getting slippery with oil, hands roaming amorously. Now Baby pours more oil over Mina’s shaved pussy, so it floods her smooth slit. Mina moans with arousal as Baby sucks her nipples, strokes her clit and eases fingers into her slick slot, driving her wild. They grind on each other in a languid scissors position, Baby’s perfect ass rocking until Mina shudders through a powerful orgasm. Baby lies face down and Mina massages her peachy ass cheeks, fingering her oily pussy. Finally they sit face to face, legs entwined, and frig each other to a harmonious mutual orgasm.

August 22, 2021

Baby Nicols, Julia De Lucia - Survey

Baby Nicols, Julia De Lucia - Survey Cute girlfriends Baby Nicols and Julia De Lucia wander hand-in-hand through an abandoned village overlooking the ocean, as Andrej Lupin’s hot lesbian movie "Survey" begins. They explore a derelict building, where Julia teases Baby by hiding from her, then jumping out to grab her from behind. She kisses and hugs Baby to console her, pushing her up against the stone wall and lifting her dress, fondling her gorgeous breasts. Spinning the Hispanic honey around, she pulls down her panties and starts to spank and fingerbang her tight pussy, making her tremble through an intense climax. Now Baby squeezes Julia’s breasts and peels down her shorts to finger her drenched pussy, giving her a rapid series of orgasms. They grind together as they keep frigging each other, both reaching peak after peak of bliss before they hastily pull their clothes back on and stroll away.