December 29, 2021

Jia Lissa - The Art Of Seduction 2

 Jia Lissa - The Art Of Seduction 2 3287.3 Mb

Jia Lissa - The Art Of Seduction 2 

 Cute redhead Jia Lissa peels a banana and sucks it suggestively, her gorgeous green eyes full of passion. The freckle-faced beauty teases her stiffening nipples as her erotic thoughts arouse her. She strokes her pussy through her pink cotton panties, moaning with pleasure, her body trembling. Turning onto her knees, she pulls her panties down and thrusts her fingers into her wet slot, rocking her hips back to take them deeper with each stroke. She sits and spreads her legs wide, exposing the natural red hair on her hot pussy as she masturbates to an intense orgasm.

Chloe Amour - House Of Haram

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Chloe Amour - House Of Haram 

 Landlord Donnie arrives to collect the rent from his hijab wearing tennant Chloe Amour who is surprised to learn her boyfriend has lied and hasn't paid. What's a good girl to do besides step up and pay what's owed, with a little extra of course.

Nicole Aria - OMG I Fucked My Bratty Student

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Teacher Mike Mancini is in class alone when his student Nicole Aria marches in, saying that she needs to talk to him about her grade. She isn't happy that she got a D on the last test. She complains that she's never gotten a grade like that in her life and demands that Mike fix it. But Nicole's bratty ways aren't working with Mike, and he finally decides to show her who's boss. He bends her over the desk and spanks Nicole's juicy ass. This is one D that Nicole WON'T be complaining about!