October 3, 2021

Alex Coal, Sophia West - Housewife's Awakening

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screenshot Alex Coal, a massage therapist, welcomes her next client, Sophia West, a lovely housewife, into the massage parlor. Sophia made an appointment that day to get some help with her sore back, which is really bothering her. Alex is pleased to help her and the massage soon gets underway. But as Alex glides her hands along Sophia's naked body, working out the knots, Sophia admits that her back is so sore because her husband makes her do all the housework. Although Alex tries to be professional, she can't help interjecting on Sophia's behalf, commenting that Sophia's husband doesn't seem very considerate. However, Sophia brushes this off, insisting that this is just how marriages are. Undeterred, Alex insists that there are MANY kinds of relationships out there and that Sophia doesn't have to settle for a man who doesn't treat her right. For example, Sophia's a lesbian and couldn't be happier! Despite being initially standoffish about the matter, Sophia gradually starts to see the light. But when Alex offers her a chance to let loose and have a bit of fun to experience what it's like to be truly taken care of, Sophia's still a little hesitant. Yet, when Alex's hands start to wander further south, Sophia gets warmer and warmer... Maybe it IS time to try something new!

Tiffany Watson - Fucks Stranger Who Pays For Her Mortgage

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screenshot SYNOPSISTiffany Watson and her husband are having money troubles. Luckily, a stranger overhears their conversation and offers to help. He offers to pay for Tiffany and her husband's mortgage in exchange for a night alone with Tiffany. They agree and Tiff bangs this stranger. Who is this mysterious man going around helping strangers in exchange for sex? We may never know.

Dolly Diore, Matty - Right Toy For My Girl

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Dolly Diore, Matty - Right Toy For My Girl Dolly Diore has been married for a few years now. She has watched her eighteen-year-old stepdaughter Matty grow up before her eyes. Lately, she has been a little concerned that the pretty young woman is really immature. She still has a doll beside her bed that she seems to always be playing with. In this VR porn video, Dolly peeks on Matty and finds that she is doing some very intimate things with her favourite doll. When Matty realizes she is being watched, she is embarrassed and needs the comfort of Dolly to calm down. Dolly explains that what she is doing is perfectly normal, natural and healthy. However, she does have some more grown-up toys for Matty to try out. The moment she feels the powerful vibrations between her legs, Matty squirms and moans with delight. Watching Matty cumming turns Dolly on so much that she strips down and joins the pretty young brunette. With the toy in use, she slips her fingers inside of her pussy and strokes her clit. Before they know it, they are both kicking their feet and climaxing together. Matty is so thrilled by her new experiences that she throws herself into Dolly's arms for a passionate embrace. She has learned so much in such a short time. Dolly promises to show Matty the joys of masturbating to VR Porn next time and wonders how her husband would respond if he could see the two of them naked in bed together.

Anna Claire Clouds - Anna Loves to Distract Using Her Body

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Anna Claire Clouds - Anna Loves to Distract Using Her Body Anna Claire Clouds is Chad Alva'sbru favorite distraction from work! He's got a lot to do, but that includes a hot, horny Cherry of the Month! She easily convinces him to put work down and touch her petite, tattooed body. She reaches for his zipper as he slips off her top, so he can get his mouth on those perky little tits! He slides his fingers into her eager little pussy. Eventually she can't wait to get her lips around his cock, making a mess all over as her spit dribbles down his balls. She grows more and more hungry for pleasure, finally mounting him and twerking all over his big cock!

Veronica Leal - That Vitamin D

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Veronica Leal - That Vitamin D Fuck Veronika Leal in 5K 180 degree stereoscopic virtual reality right here on BaDoinkVR. This sun-loving cutie is out tanning in the hot Czech sunshine today, and you’re lucky enough to be right there with her. While you’re focusing on adjusting your angle to get maximum UV ray coverage, Veronika decides to start teasing you. She wants that vitamin D. Let her suck and fuck it right out of you in this smokin' hot poolside adventure. Grab your Oculus Go or Quest and download this high-quality virtual reality porn scene.