September 6, 2021

Julia Parker, Venera Maxima - The Lockdown

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Julia Parker, Venera Maxima - The Lockdown Julia Parker, Venera Maxima, and Ricky Rascal are sitting around their laptop in the Fake Hostel when an announcement blares out that due to a virus, lockdown is occurring. The Landlord, wearing a special mask, locks the threesome into their room, and tells them he will be back eventually. Months later, Venera catches Ricky in the bathroom jerking off, but then gets distracted when she sees Julia Parker taking a double portion of water. Ricky is forced to put himself between the arguing ladies, at which point they notice his big, hard cock! Having not felt a hard cock in months, both ladies jump to suck his dick. Ricky fucks Julia standing doggystyle and her big tits bounce entrancingly. Venera takes Ricky's cock missionary, then bounces her booty up and down on him cowgirl. Kneeling in front of the stud, Julia wanks his cock until he cums on both beautiful babes!

Mckenzie Lee - Works Up A Sweat Before Fucking Son's Friend

Mckenzie Lee - Works Up A Sweat Before Fucking Son's Friend

SYNOPSISMcKenzie Lee is working out with her son's friend when she notices a bulge in his pants. Doesn't take her long to want to switch up her routine and ride dick as a workout.

Sheri Vi - Is Down On Her Hands And Knees Getting

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screenshot Sheri Vi is fucking model beautiful but she chose to go into porn because it's the best way to guarantee that her horny little pussy gets stuffed with huge cock. Needless to say, she's looks hot as fuck down on her hands and knees in jet black thigh high stockings and stilettos as she's fucked from behind.

Asia Vargas - Morning Seduction

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Asia Vargas - Morning Seduction Asia Vargas has married a handsome man with a great house and enough money to completely spoil her. Well, almost completely. He works so hard that he rarely has time to satisfy his beautiful and always horny young wife. Craving male attention, she puts on some sexy lingerie she bought for her husband and decides to wake up his handsome son with a special VR show. You wake up and are stunned to see your sexy stepmother with her ass completely exposed just inches from your face. She notices you covering up this hard-on with the blanket and knows that she has your full attention. Teasing you, she tells you how lonely it gets when your father is working, how she longs to be touched, kissed, fucked. She points to the bulge under the sheets and tells you that she knows you watched Virtual Taboo VR Porn scenes and knows she turns you on. Encouraging you to take your cock out and stroke it, she shows you how hard her nipples are as she tells you all about the forbidden fantasies she has had about you alone in your room. You both know you have never had a woman this hot and she opens her legs to finger her sweet, wet hole. Watching you pleasure yourself turns her on even more. She asks you if you would like to see her cum and promises to let you taste her juices if you shoot your load for her. You both climax and Asia lives up to her promise, letting you suck her fingers clean while she promises to visit you more often.

Anya Krey - Tender Touch

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Anya Krey - Tender Touch Stunning Anya Krey is sunbathing poolside on the exotic island of Lanzarote, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Tender Touch" begins. Strolling back to the villa, she finds Nick Ross on the terrace and straddles his lap for a seductive kiss. The sexy brunette pulls down her bikini top and Nick’s hands go to her beautiful breasts, as she frees his stiff cock from his shorts and starts to stroke it. Kneeling, she licks the length of his shaft, then takes it in her mouth, bobbing her head to suck it deep. Anya peels off her bikini panties and impales herself on Nick’s dick in cowgirl, bouncing her perfect ass up and down to ride him vigorously. She turns around into reverse cowgirl, thighs together for a tight ride as she squats on him, gorgeous breasts jiggling. Arching her back, she strums her clit and teases her nipples as the powerful sensations flood her slender body. She kneels on the bench so Nick can lick her shaved pussy from behind; when she’s at boiling point he thrusts his cock into her again, banging her in doggy until she orgasms hard and he fills her with his hot cum.