August 19, 2021

Jessie Saint ,Lulu Chu - Seducing My Straight White Best Friend


Poor Jessie. She's been fired and might not be able to pay rent. Her roommate and best friend Lulu has been encouraging for months to set up her Pussy Chat online site and make money talking to men masturbating. It's easy, Lulu says, just imagine girls eating your pussy. But how can Jessie do that when she is not a lesbian and has never been with a woman. It's time to change that surmises Lulu. On Jessies' first pussy chat call Lulu takes the opportunity to help her best friend out by showing her just how nice it is to have a girl eat her pussy.

Mia Trejsi - Morning Rise

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Mia Trejsi - Morning Rise
Cute brunette Mia Trejsi wanders sleepily to the sofa, wrapped in a bedcover, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Morning Rise" begins. Her attentive boyfriend Ricky makes tea for her, and they cuddle up together, kissing sweetly. Ricky pulls Mia’s top down and caresses her beautiful breasts, her chocolate-brown nipples stiffening deliciously. Mia frees her lover’s hard cock from his jeans and strokes the thick shaft, then straddles his lap and grinds against it. Getting naked, she impales herself on Ricky’s erection, her breasts jiggling in his face and his hands squeezing her sexy ass cheeks as she slides up and down. They flip over into missionary, Ricky’s hips thrusting faster as he fucks Mia vigorously. They switch back to cowgirl, slamming together smoothly until Mia’s bouncing becomes erratic and she shudders through an intense orgasm. Ricky licks and fingers her pussy to make her climax again, then plunges into her missionary style, her leg up on his shoulder to deepen the penetration until she orgasms once more and he fills her with his creamy cum.

Petra Blair - Gets Fucked Good

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Petra Blair - Gets Fucked Good SYNOPSISPetra Blair is over at her friend's house studying when her friend's dad pops in. Petra finally has her chance to show him how bad she's been wanting to get fucked by him.

Kenna James ,Layla Sin - Eyes Only For One Another

Kenna James ,Layla Sin - Eyes Only For One Another

Kenna James and Layla Sin are two smoking hot babes that just love licking and tasting how sweet they are. Layla can not get enough of Kennas beautiful firm tits and giant nipples. She just wants to suck and nibble on them forever. Kenna loves the attention making her so horny and full of lust to fuck Layla and taste her gorgeously wet delicious pussy. She is so fucking hot. Layla sits on her face and there is no better place that Kenna wants to be. To run her hands all up and down Laylas body while she straddles her and suffocates her in a place that must be heaven.

Vanessa Decker - Is Pounded Out By Her Trainer For A Good Cardio Routine!

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Vanessa Decker - Is Pounded Out By Her Trainer For A Good Cardio Routine! Vanessa Decker loves that her trainer has a mini gym set up outdoors for her to work out in. But today he wants her to focus on getting her cardio up and they both decide the best way to do that is to have hard pounding sex! Holy fuck Vanessa is loud when she cums!

Extracurricular Activities - Catalina Ossa

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Extracurricular Activities - Catalina Ossa Another day another dollar. Providing a first-class education to the young, nubile students of Univerity of VR is no easy task. The students at UVR tend to have trouble focusing. Take Catalina, for example. Every time you see her in class, she’s lifting up her skirt, pressing her titties together, or licking her lips. Is she trying to get you in trouble? Today, she’s showed up at your house unannounced. Entirely inappropriate. But, then again, you’d be lying if you said you hadn’t dreamed about getting inside that tight pussy. Well friend, in times like this, dreams tend to come true. Grab your VR headset and let Ms. Ossa put your dick all the way down her mouth before finally getting a taste of that sweet sweet pussy.

Aften Opal - Watching Aften Meat A Stranger

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Aften Opal - Watching Aften Meat A Stranger Aften has been gifted again with a strangers cock from her man. As she eagerly anticipates the meating, Aften begins to masturbate on the chair while her hubby awaits Van's arrival. Van enters the room finding Aften spread wide and dripping wet for his big cock as she begins to suck on his hard meat. Aften generously bends over on the chair showing off her sweet ass as Van slides right on in pounding her hot tight pussy while her man watches every move until Van explodes a hot thick cream pie deep inside her pink pussy.