August 9, 2021

Adira Allure - Adira Has A Special Showering Treat

Adira Allure - Adira Has A Special Showering Treat 3143.2 Mb

Adira Allure - Adira Has A Special Showering Treat

Extremely horny Adira is begging Ramon to get to her house quickly for a surprise treat waiting for him. Just to get her juices flowing, Adira rubs her pussy getting her water works in order, spraying up the mirror. Taken by surprise, as soon as Ramon enters the house she gets him to his knees and burying his face into her hot wet pussy for his first pussy shower covering and soaking his entire outfit. With that Ramon face fucks her cock hungry mouth before slipping his hard cock inside her gushing pussy and continues to get Adira's pussy flowing like a fire hydrant covering all the floors and rewarding Ramon as she begs him to unload all his hot thick cum deep inside her pussy too!

Marilyn Sugar ,Jenny Wild - Cute Blonde Teens 69 Pussy Licking


Besties Jenny Wild and Marilyn Sugar are having a sleepover and talking about the boys they like in their college classes. Jenny really likes this one guy, and wants to kiss him, but has never kissed anyone before and doesn't want to embarrass herself. Marilyn offers to teach Jenny how to kiss and plants one on her puckered lips. The ladies get turned on, and Marilyn plays with Jenny's perky tits. Pushing her bestie back, Marilyn plays her Jenny's pussy over her blue panties, then sticks her tongue deep inside of it. Marilyn strips off her clothes too, then climbs on top of Jenny, where she learns not only how to kiss, but to lick pussy and ass in 69 as well!

Jenny Wild - Jenny's Wild Side

 Jenny Wild - Jenny's Wild Side 3461.6 Mb

Jenny Wild - Jenny's Wild Side Fucking Jenny Wild in 180 degree VR is quite literally a dream come true. Grab your Oculus Go or Quest and immerse yourself in a world in which Jenny Wild’s number one priority is satisfying your cock. This lingerie-clad blonde minx will slowly strip for you and gradually start touching herself as you get harder and harder. Fuck Jenny Wild doggy style, let her suck your dick, and finally, cum all over her before falling into each other's arms in erotic ecstasy. This is a scene you don’t want to miss.

Siya Jey - Naughty Ass Fucking Russian

Siya Jey - Naughty Ass Fucking Russian

It's the moment we've all been waiting for when Siya Jey, that anal loving actress' dirty wishes cum true when her man Kai Taylor pounds her asshole out deep and dirty and you get to watch it all happen in 4K in this extremely hardcore ass fucking premium porn flick. The blonde Russian beauty was already putting a banana to work on her butt pucker when Kai pops in and happily subs his big schlong for her forbidden fruit. Watch as the glamour model's big tits bounce in wild ways when she mounts Kai's huge schlong for an anal ride in reverse cowgirl and rides his big dick until he pulls it out and pops his load in her mouth.

Spencer Bradley - Horny Old Men #05 - Spencer Bradley & Dale Savage

 Spencer Bradley - Horny Old Men #05 - Spencer Bradley & Dale Savage 2828.3 Mb 

Spencer Bradley - Horny Old Men #05 - Spencer Bradley & Dale Savage Spencer Bradley is on the phone talking to a friend about Spencer's step-brother Donnie Rock. Her friend tells her that Donnie is famous, but won't tell Spencer what Donnie is famous for, so Spencer decides to look it up herself. Spencer goes into the living room where Donnie is hanging out, takes out her phone and looks up Donnie. Spencer is totally shocked and intrigued by what she finds out. Donnie looks over and notices Spencer's surprised expression. He asks Spencer what she's looking at. She's a little cagey at first but she finally admits what she just found out about Donnie - that he's a porn star! Now that she knows why Donnie is famous, it gives Spencer an idea. She isn't too experienced when it comes to sex and needs some help practicing, so she figured she would come to the expert! Donnie is a little hesitant at first but he quickly agrees to show her the ropes. You know what they say - practice makes perfect!

Asia Vargas - Toy For Mom’s Boy

 Asia Vargas - Toy For Mom’s Boy 3779.5 Mb

Asia Vargas - Toy For Mom’s Boy Hot young stepmom Asia Vargas is loving her new life. Her husband makes great money and they share a gorgeous home. His college-aged son lives with them, but Asia doesn’t mind as he is usually out and when he is home, he keeps to himself, usually watching VR Porn she imagines. One day while he is at school, she passes his open doorway and finds a lifelike sex toy on his bed. Curious, she goes inside for a closer look... Amazed at how realistic it is, Asia gets turned on thinking of what her studly stepson is going to do to it when he returns. Suddenly inspired, she climbs into his bed and covers her face with the blanket. Doing her best to recreate the same pose as the VR sex toy and hold still, Asia feels your fingers slip into her pussy and then stifles a moan as you shove your young, hard prick into her tight hole. You pump away, thinking you are fucking your toy until Asia throws the blanket aside to surprise you. You are in shock but cannot say no when she turns over and begs you to fuck her pussy from behind. After she cums on your dick, Asia sucks her juices from your throbbing boner. You can’t believe what she is doing, but don't want her to stop. Her pussy feels so much better than your toy and Asia offers to let you have it any time you want so long as you keep it a secret. Her generous offer and her talented mouth make you explode all over her face even before you can emphatically accept.