July 27, 2021

Nala Brooks - Happy Ending Creampie

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screenshot Nala receives a happy ending massage and receive a huge creampie.

Carmen Callaway - Wicked Step Daughter

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Carmen Callaway - Wicked Step Daughter Petite blonde stepdaughter Carmen Callaway can’t stop wickedly teasing her stepdad Donnie Cabo. There’s only so much a man can resist, so when Donnie gives in to her pleas, Carmen will finally get what she wanted.

Nicole Aniston - Welcomes New Neighbor With A Hot Sex Session

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Nicole Aniston - Welcomes New Neighbor With A Hot Sex Session SYNOPSISJesus, I don't think I've ever been so fucking horny in my life. Taking out the trash on a warm, sunny, quiet afternoon I see the guy whose lucky fucking day it is. He's tearing up cardboard until I tell him I need some help in my apartment; next thing you know he's slicing me in half with his big dick in the middle of the afternoon, helping me get my nut. I guess he had just moved in. Maybe I'll see him around; maybe not.

Dani Lynn - Doing Her Thing

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Dani Lynn - Doing Her Thing Dani Lynn is petite and tiny but this girl can take a cock and loves doing it. Just 19, she's definitely a spinner, watch her do her thing riding cock and getting fucked hard.

Jessica Ryan, Lily Larimar - Mom Makes Us Play Nurse

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Jessica Ryan, Lily Larimar - Mom Makes Us Play Nurse Codey Steele has just come back from a doctor's appointment with his adopted mom, Jessica Ryan. Jessica is upset that Codey popped a boner during the examination. She drags Codey home and sits him down on the couch beside his stepsister, Lily Larimar. Jessica has an idea of how to fix the problem. She leaves the room and comes back with a hospital gown for Codey to put on right here, in front of his adopted mom and stepsister. When Jessica sees Lily laughing, she tells Lily that she's going to play nurse to try to help teach Codey self control. Under Jessica's instruction, Lily gets on her knees and takes Codey's pulse while Jessica tells Codey lots of things to not think about. Jessica tells Lily to give Codey a non-sexual release, aka a handy, while in the same breath instructing Codey to not enjoy himself. Jessica isn't happy with Lily's technique, so she gets her hands on in there. When Codey claims he isn't getting close to cumming, Jessica gets Lily to peel off her shorts and thong and climb aboard his dick. Lily doesn't get the job done, so Jessica takes over riding Codey's fuck rod. With his hot adopted mom on her knees before him, Codey really gives it to her. Jessica leans forward to eat out Lily's trimmed twat as she's getting banged from behind. Then Lily takes a turn with Codey buried between her thighs while Jessica supports Lily's head on her big boobs. Since Codey still hasn't gotten off, Jessica pushes him onto the couch and climbs on top to ride his stiffie. She has to admit she's satisfied and so is Lily, so instead of continuing to fuck Codey the girls get on their knees and suck him off until he gives them a mouthful of cum to snowball. Lily and Jessica assure Codey they can always help him with a release.

Chanel Grey: Pussy Squirt, Anal Orgasm - 10/07/20

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Chanel Grey: Pussy Squirt, Anal Orgasm - Lusty, young Chanel Grey flashes her stunning green eyes and shoves a black butt plug up her pink asshole. Pro stud Markus Dupree replaces the toy with his meaty dick, fucking her asshole as she masturbates. Chanel's butthole gapes, and an anal orgasm on Markus' meat makes her legs shake! She climbs on top to enjoy a deep, buttfucking cock ride. Markus shoves his fingers into her sphincter and makes her taste her backdoor musk. Chanel gives him an ass-to-mouth blowjob and she slobbers through a messy rim job. Precocious Chanel's pussy squirts! Deep sodomy climaxes in a creamy cum facial, and Chanel swallows semen.

Aften Opal, Sheena Ryder - Practicing On Her Parents

 Aften Opal, Sheena Ryder - Practicing On Her Parents,_Sheena_Ryder_-_Practicing_On_Her_Parents.mp4 4190.5 Mb

Aften Opal, Sheena Ryder - Practicing On Her Parents Aften Opal has big dreams of becoming a world-class masseuse! She's busy studying for an exam but is so frustrated that her stepdad, Brad Newman, comes over to check on her. Aften explains that she just doesn't understand how the techniques work and needs to be more hands-on to learn... In fact, maybe she can practice on Brad! Although he's hesitant at first, Brad just wants to see his teen stepdaughter succeed, so agrees to let her practice on him. After they strip down and break out the mattress, Aften pours oil all over herself and Brad, then begins slipping and sliding along him. To her surprise, Brad insists that she's doing a really good job! It's only then that Aften realizes she needs to practice on a woman, too, which is when Brad calls in his wife, Aften's stepmother, Sheena Ryder. When Sheena arrives, she is enthusiastic and eager to help her stepdaughter. She soon strips down as well and sprawls out on the mattress. Aften eagerly massages her, happy to finally apply everything she's learned on paper in real life. Of course, the sight of two naked, beautiful, glistening women causes Brad to pop a boner. Instead of being embarrassed, they decided to ALL take a sexy study break!

Bridgette B - Is A Lonely, Kinky Housewife In Need Of Anal And Cream

 Bridgette B - Is A Lonely, Kinky Housewife In Need Of Anal And Cream,_Kinky_Housewife_In_Need_Of_Anal_And_Cream!_.mp4 2973.3 Mb

Bridgette B - Is A Lonely, Kinky Housewife In Need Of Anal And Cream SYNOPSISBridgette B., is renting out a room in her house but its not really for supplemental income - its really so she can have a fuck buddy whenever she wants.

Gwen Vicious, Rebecca Vanguard - Cum-Swap Cuties

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screenshot It has been one fucking hot summer. Temperatures have hovered in the triple digits and two little cuties Chloe and Lily have been sweating their asses off in their loft downtown. Repeated calls to have the AC fixed by the building have been met with futility so when the building manager comes up to look at the unit again the girls try a different method. They take off all of their clothes and tell him they will parade around downstairs in the main lobby. The manager is quick to stop them and promises to get the unit fixed. The girls like this and since they are naked anyway they can't help themselves. They are so sweaty, sticky, and horny. They need a big cock in them to get them through this hot day and he is more than happy to oblige. The girls have amazing rocking sweaty sex and cap it off with a fun-loving summer cum swap.

Jane Wilde, Maya Woulfe , Aila Donovan - Tantric Training

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Jane Wilde, Maya Woulfe , Aila Donovan - Tantric Training Jane Wilde and Maya Woulfe, two masseuses, are starting to get a bit worried. Another masseuse, Aila Donovan, is running late, which isn't like her at all! What if something bad happened?? Luckily, they don't have to wait long as Aila arrives, apologizing for the tardiness. She just got back from a weekend seminar, where she's learned some new tantric massage techniques she wants to share... Although Jane is game for trying the new techniques, knowing it'd be great for business, Maya is a little unsure because of the erotic nature. To help ease Maya into it, Jane happily offers to be massaged first so that Maya can see how everything works. Of course, as soon as Jane strips down and Aila starts working her magic fingers to show them what she's learned, Maya immediately becomes flustered. It's just so much more SENSUAL than she was expecting, even though that's the whole point! The longer Aila massages Jane, rubbing her beautiful body all over and drawing out quiet moans, the hotter Maya gets. Aila catches this and slyly insists that Maya take her turn applying the techniques as well -- with her guidance, of course. Although Maya's hesitant at first, as soon as she begins working for her own hands all over Jane's body, especially her perky breasts... well, they're ALL about to get the FULL tantric experience!