August 9, 2021

Asia Vargas - Toy For Mom’s Boy

 Asia Vargas - Toy For Mom’s Boy 3779.5 Mb

Asia Vargas - Toy For Mom’s Boy Hot young stepmom Asia Vargas is loving her new life. Her husband makes great money and they share a gorgeous home. His college-aged son lives with them, but Asia doesn’t mind as he is usually out and when he is home, he keeps to himself, usually watching VR Porn she imagines. One day while he is at school, she passes his open doorway and finds a lifelike sex toy on his bed. Curious, she goes inside for a closer look... Amazed at how realistic it is, Asia gets turned on thinking of what her studly stepson is going to do to it when he returns. Suddenly inspired, she climbs into his bed and covers her face with the blanket. Doing her best to recreate the same pose as the VR sex toy and hold still, Asia feels your fingers slip into her pussy and then stifles a moan as you shove your young, hard prick into her tight hole. You pump away, thinking you are fucking your toy until Asia throws the blanket aside to surprise you. You are in shock but cannot say no when she turns over and begs you to fuck her pussy from behind. After she cums on your dick, Asia sucks her juices from your throbbing boner. You can’t believe what she is doing, but don't want her to stop. Her pussy feels so much better than your toy and Asia offers to let you have it any time you want so long as you keep it a secret. Her generous offer and her talented mouth make you explode all over her face even before you can emphatically accept.

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